Monday, June 30, 2014

Kenley's Half Birthday: 2.5!


Kenley! 2.5?! How??? It is amazing how fast the last six months have gone.. you are definitely not a "baby" anymore. You have such a laidback and funny personality and can light up a room with your smile.  You are so fun and you will talk to anyone...little social butterfly. 

Happy Half Birthday, babygirl!!!

Likes: Babydolls, Disney Princesses, swinging at the park, going to the farm to see the animals, Hello Kitty, swimming in the pool with your float, taking walks in the double stroller, eating snacks, helping mama clean, manicures, tubby time, anything pink and girly, puzzles, painting and coloring. 

Dislikes: Vacuum, lawn mower, getting in your car-seat, when Brady takes your things, when we say no (haha)

Sleeping: You still nap everyday for 2-2.5 hours! I put you down around 2ish and if you don't get your nap in, you are a nightmare at dinnertime. You sleep from 7:30pm-7(ish) am. You don't really fall asleep until after 8:00 though after singing and chatting away in your room to yourself. You love your Miss Bunny and soft white blanket. You have a sound machine that plays "white noise" and can't sleep without it. Every night before bed, we have to sing you "Rock-a-bye Baby," "ABC's," and "Twinkle Twinkle" in that order. You LOVE reading books before bed and always read them in Brady's room. You prefer for Mama to put you down for naps and for Daddy to put you to sleep at night.

Eating: You love food but love snacks the most! "I want a snaaaaack!" You CHUG your drinks first and then eat your meal. You love milk and ice water, and I can still get away with cutting your apple juice in half. You like to steal sips of my coffee and the flavor doesn't even phase you! Favorite foods are: Annie's mac & cheese, any fruit, yogurt, chicken breasts & chicken "nuggies," pirate booty, cheese, hummus, goldfish, greek pasta salad, and any/all sweets.

Playing: You love to play ANYTHING with your Big Brother! You don't really "play," just pick something up and drop it. Kenley the mess-maker!  You are getting into puzzles and can do the 24 piece Doc McStuffins one on your own; Melissa & Doug wooden ones are also favorites. You love your Fisher Price dollhouse and Princess castle and all the Little People that go with them.  Bitty is your favorite babydoll and you LOVE undressing all your babies! You love to sing and your favorite songs are "Skinamarinky-Dinky-Dink," "The Wheels on the Bus," "ABC's," and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." You like to watch TV in the morning and your favorite shows are "Team Umizoomi," "Dora," and "Paw Patrol" currently. You love "Frozen" and we have watched it a millllllllllion times---you remind me of Anna but you like Elsa better. You love books and rip them all off the bookshelf. I sometimes catch you with 20 books surrounding you and you "read" them to yourself. Your stories are so sweet!

Diapers: UGH!!!! I am still buying diapers! You are not interested in the potty yet... I have tried a few times and a few methods and you're just not ready yet. You wear size 5 Pampers.

Clothing: Some size 2T tops and mostly size 3T pants and dresses. You are so long and I want you to be able to wear your clothes for a long time! I am loving Crew Cuts and Baby Gap lately and also have bought a TON of rompers for you at Target. Love me some Tarjay! You love accessorizing with jewelry and little purses and still always have a big bow in your hair! It's become like another arm to you... haha. You are getting big enough for two "piggies!"

What I want to remember:
-You call Hudson "Huddy."
-Your sweet voice! You say "W" instead of "R"... aka "Bwady" hahaha
-Your pink puddle jumper and how cute you look it in when in the pool.
-How you "prance" instead of walk.
-How you call for us when you wake up to come get you.
-Your obsession with certain jams (PJs)--- Doc tank/pants & nightgown.
-You are a Daddy's girl!
-How you and B are seriously best friends! You also can fight like brother and sister... more like twins!
-Your adorable strawberry blonde hair and how it looks like a mini-waterfall in your pigtails.
-You are a chatty Kathy! You will legit talk to still snacks from people at the beach and talk to all the grandfathers at Brady's t-ball games.
-You love going through my makeup and LOVE wearing lipgloss.
-You give everyone a hug & a kiss goodbye.
-How excited for school you are! You keep talking about how you can't wait to play with friends. 
-How you say "just the girls!" when we do stuff one-on-one.

What I'm looking forward to:
-Enjoying long summer days with you and the boys!
-You starting dance in the fall. My ballerina baby!
-No more diapers!
-Playing things like "Barbies" with you :)
-Watching you swim this summer.
-Watching you interact with are the best Big Sister! 

What Daddy's looking forward to:
-Dance recitals
(AW, so sweet!!!!) 

Please slow down, sweet girl! I love you so much.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hudson: 1 Month Update


I am writing your 1 month update on the eve of your 2 month birthday. This is life with 3 kids! So crazy. I so love it! I don't have much time to SIT, let alone sit down and write, so it's better late than never... right? Let's get to the basics...

Height: 23.75 inches {90th percentile} ...TALL like Daddy!

Weight: 12 pounds 14 oz {78th percentile}

Likes: Eating, being on your tummy, snuggling in mommy & daddy's bed, when Brady talks to you, swinging back to front, Rock N Play, aden & anais swaddling blankets, neighborhood walks, your ergo carrier, fresh air.

Dislikes: Loud noises that startle you, being gassy, Louie barking. You don't like transitioning from air to tub and vice versa. You startle yourself over and over until you calm down.You also can get overstimulated and have a "fussy" period for about 30 minutes sometimes at night. 

Sleeping: Your sleep is becoming pretty predictable. You eat, play, and fall asleep about an hour after you eat. You aren't taking regular "naps," but you are sleeping long stretches in the night. You slept 11pm-7am a few days ago! Most nights you fall asleep at 7pm, wake up at 2am to eat, and go back to sleep until 7am. I am so lucky you are such a good sleeper! I seriously count my blessings because I know I couldn't survive taking care of the other two if you didn't sleep. You are still in the bassinet because I'm not ready to put you in your crib yet...

Eating: You are nursing every three hours during the day and at night you eat once. You will take a bottle of milk from Daddy if you're not with me (which most of the time you always are!) 

Playing: You love your play-mat and when we lay next to you underneath it. Brady loves to talk to you under the toys and lights. You love to sit on our knees to face us so we can talk to you. You have the biggest smile! You are starting to like toys if we shake them extremely close to your face.

Diapers: Size 1 Pampers.

Clothing: 0-3 months (We wore newborn for about a week!) and some 3-6 already. I am in denial that you are already in 3-6 month clothes so I am keeping you (tightly) in your 0-3 for a little while longer...

What I want to remember: 
-Your nickname, "Huddy," and how it stuck.
-How alert you are! When you are awake you are so aware of your surroundings and follow us with your eyes. 
-You have the hugest BLUE eyes. They are twice the size of your teeny little lips.
-Your sweet baby noises and "talking." You snore when you are in a deep sleep. 
-You look almost identical to Brady when he was a baby. 
-You have the hugest open mouth smile when we say, "Hi Huddy" to you!
-You have teeny little dimples that we are starting to be able to see! 
-How much we love summer nights as a family of five.
-How your toots could clear a room! {Typical boy!!!}
-How much Brady and Kenley love you, and how Brady is such a HUGE helper.
-How Kenley always says, "can Huddy come too?" when we get out of the car. 
-Your awesome Daddy and how he lets me sleep in whenever I can. 
-Your first TONYs!
-Memorial Day at Grandpa's.
-You love your binky.
-My first Mother's Day with three! We spent the day together and had a cookout at Mellen's house. I am the luckiest. 

What I'm looking forward to: 
-Watching you learn new things. I am NOT looking forward to you growing up and getting physically bigger. 
-More predictable naps and day-sleeping patterns. 
-Long walks with you all summer! 

What Daddy is looking forward to:
-Playing catch with him & Brady. 

I love you so much, sweet boy! Time is truly going too fast... it makes me sad, it's not even bittersweet. I love you to the moon and back, my baby!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hudson's BIRTHday

My due date for Mini Mac #3 was April 4th {4.4.14} and much to my surprise... It came and went. What?!?! Going late with the 3rd baby? Who does that? I was getting concerned after a few days because the fetal movement had majorly decreased. Ryan and I (and my mom!) ended up going up to South Shore on Sunday the 6th just to get checked out.

I honestly was feeling really good and still didn't feel like my body was "ready." The nurses and doctor were so wonderful! I got all checked in and they did a non-stress test on me. Baby Hudson was great and my fluid levels were perfect, so they sent us home. I was already dilated to 3cm at my appointment the previous week, so I knew I wouldn't be pregnant forever. We went to the Four's for lunch and it was delicious, as always.

I had another appointment on Monday 4/7 (which my dr swore I would never make!) and I had progressed just a little bit. Ughhhhh! Again... I was still feeling pretty good. I felt like with Brady and Kenley I was beyond DONE at this point. I have to admit, I was a little nervous for delivery and also to have THREE KIDS.

I went and got a pink, sparkly mani/pedi (naturally) to make myself feel better.

The next afternoon after Brady got home from school I started to feel more than my usual Braxton Hicks. It was something...timeable. I got my exercise ball out and started bouncing to see if the contractions would subside or increase. They didn't go away!

Ryan got home from work and was sitting in his car for about 20 minutes, when I (the crazy wife) was seen throwing my arms in the air through the front door. WTF I AM IN LABOR!!!! Hahaha

At around 5:00pm, the contractions were about 8 minutes apart so we called the hospital and Ryan's mom came over to watch the kids. Here we go! I felt overwhelmed leaving Brady and Kenley because of all the unknowns. Would they adjust to the new baby? Will I be able to manage all of them? I was also nervous about the pain...

When we got to the hospital I was checked in and checked for dilation and was still at a 4, but with significant contractions. Dr. Hamar (who would be delivering the baby) wanted me to walk around for 2 hours before I was strapped to a bed. He also guessed that Hudson was going to be around 7 3/4 pounds. I spent all 9 months meeting all the doctors in my practice, and that night he was on call and not a part of my practice! Regardless, he was wonderful. My mom and little sister had met Ryan and I and the three of them ate dinner (I was too busy trying to breathe through my contractions, and they were busy trying to make me laugh!)  They were getting intense and I definitely said, "I am NEVER doing this again" multiple times.

By the time we got back up there I was dilated to a 5 and was officially in active labor. They admitted me at 10:00pm and by 10:30pm, I was asking for my epidural. The anesthesiologist was wonderful and I felt no pain.

After the epidural was inserted my blood pressure dropped and I was violently shaking. I have low BP in general so this didn't surprise me, but I was still very nervous and it made me feel uneasy. I was put on my left side and it made me feel better.

Not much longer, at 1:00am I felt an unbearable amount of pressure and knew it was time to push. By 1:09am, he was here!!!!

Welcome Hudson Scott McLean... 9 pounds, 11 oz. 22 inches on 4.9.14 

So much for the 7 & 3/4 pound baby, doc!

He cried right away and was the perfect rosie pink. Ryan and I were ecstatic and exhausted. I immediately thought he looked just like my baby pictures. Big blueberry eyes. We did skin-to-skin for an hour, he nursed like a champ, and my mom and sister were allowed to come in around 3am. They had been sleeping in the waiting room the whole time!

I was wheeled to recovery not long after with my sweet baby boy and sleepy husband in tow. Overall, the experience flew by and was absolutely amazing (Yes, I would do it again. No, I probably won't!)

Brady and Kenley met Hudson the next morning and were so excited to meet their brother. Big Sister Kenley held him and Brady was a little nervous... it was so sweet!

I love my babies!!! Party of five, please...

We left the following day just shy of the 48 hour mark. I was excited to get home and get used to the "New Normal." Life is crazy, but I couldn't imagine it any other way...